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Our Ministries

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is committed to help people become disciples of Jesus.

This happens as they enter into the Spiritual life of the Church and the ministry of serving.
Our Mission is to make disciples by Baptizing and Teaching about Jesus Christ.

Holy Trinity offers many opportunities to gather with other believers in fellowship,
and to serve the Lord and the community.
The ministries of the church includes the following (with details below):

Bible Study, Christian Preschool,  Albion Area Community Garden, Northwest Food Pantry of Albion, Fellowship Ping Pong

Fellowship Ping Pong

EVERY MONDAY Starting at  6 PM

Holy Trinity
Christian Preschool

For many years, Holy Trinity has carried out ministry to preschoolers. There are two opportunities for children. There is the Tues and Thurs morn class for the younger children and the Monday, Wednesday Friday Class for the older preschoolers.


 Holy Trinity hosts the Albion Area Community Garden
This is part of Holy Trinity's Service to the community of Albion

Now is the time to plan your spring planting. Our Community Garden is YOUR garden. 4’ X 8’ garden plots are available now for you, for free, assigned on a first come-first served basis. Some of the food grown here is donated to the Northwestern Food Pantry. Come volunteer so there is more food for all.

“…If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.” - Isaiah 58:1


The garden was created to feed the Albion area, promote recycling, up-cycling and to bring the community together through working on numerous projects. Garden beds are free to members of our community, including West Springfield, PA, North Springfield, PA, Cranesville, PA, & East Springfield, PA. Contact and follow us @

Acts 9 v 31 the church was being built u


Bible Study is held on a number of occasions through the week:

Sunday Morning Bible Study @ 9 AM immediately followed
                                                                  by the Divine Service
During the school year:

Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study @ 9:30 AM

               Evening Adult Bible Study       @  6:00 PM 


The Women of Holy Trinity Lutheran are involved in many activities through the LWML. They support missions around the world, the needs of the neighbor next door, and the work of the church.


Pastoral Care

Sometimes you need the counsel of God.
A Pastor has training, experience and understanding in  the counsel of God.
Come see the pastor and receive the help you are looking for in your life.

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